Cremation in The Netherlands

These days, over 60 per cent of the Dutch choose to be cremated after death. In our country people can choose where they would like their cremation to take place.

The following rules apply:

  • The deceased cannot be cremated within 36 hours of death. This allows the bereaved to decide whether their beloved is to be cremated or buried.
  • Deaths are usually registered with the municipality within six working days, as Dutch law stipulates that the interment must take place within that period.
  • A deceased can only be cremated in a crematorium.
  • After a cremation a crematorium is obliged to keep the cremated remains in storage for a month. This allows the bereaved ample time to decide on a location for storage of the urn and/or possible scattering of the ashes.

Cremation and mourning service at different locations

Your personal choice

We are getting used to having more and more personal freedom in our lives, which even extends into the way in which we pay our last respects to someone. You can arrange how you would like things to go yourself. Mourning services or viewing do not have to take place at a funeral parlour – less formal options would for example be your own living room, a community centre, a sports club, a house of worship and so on.


A growing number of people are discovering the advantages of choosing alternative locations for their mourning service. First of all, it allows them the peace and quiet to give their own personal interpretation to the service, quite apart from any financial advantage.

The cremation

Westerhout Cremation Centre supports this trend. With us, you can decide for yourself when to take your beloved to our crematorium – evenings and weekends included. You can take the deceased to the crematorium yourself, or you can ask your undertaker to do it for you. We will ensure a respectful and quiet cremation.

A little different, but perhaps just right for you?