Onze service

Open whenever you need us

Our crematorium is open seven days per week to receive your beloved – evenings and weekends included. The undertaker can take the deceased to our crematorium, or you can do it yourself. In the latter case the deceased can be accompanied by two people at most.

Choose the day yourself

Cremation can take place on a day of your choice, with the exception of public holidays and weekends.


At Westerhout Cremation Centre, also known as the horse crematorium, we have built a new installation which is suitable for the cremation of people. It can cremate people weighing up to 300 kg, which makes it unique in The Netherlands.


On the Westerhout estate cremations are carried out in a dignified and respectful manner.


The law obliges us to keep the remains of the deceased in storage for a month. This allows the bereaved ample time to decide on a destination for the ashes. A month after the cremation we will contact you and discuss your wishes regarding disposal of the ashes.

Economical rates

In view of the fact that we do not arrange viewing or mourning services we can offer you competitive cremation rates.

For more information on our rates, click here.

A cremation without black coats and top hats